Mustache Doesn’t Grow In The Middle? Here’s What To Do

The good old mustache gap, all of us have experienced that at some stage. Unfortunately, it is something that has to do with human anatomy rather than your beard. With that being said, there can be other causes, and in this article, we are going to look at why and at what you should do if your mustache does not grow in the middle.

Many people have a gap in their mustache simply because the groove in the center of their upper lip makes it hard for hair to grow there. This groove is called your philtrum. Using mustache wax, beard oils, and combing your mustache can help prevent this. It could also be a case of low testosterone, and for that, you can see a doctor.

In this article, we will go in-depth as to why some people can’t grow a mustache without having a gap in the middle. We will take a look at 6 steps that you can take to solve this problem if it even is a problem for you. All the steps listed in this article come from experience, so keep reading.

Why Your Mustache Does Not Grow In The Middle

Having a gap in your mustache can sometimes prevent you from achieving a certain look that you are going for. If I am being completely honest, some people can seriously rock the look, but for others, yeah, it can look kind of funny. However, it probably looks good on you. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Why do some of us have this gap?

The gap in your mustache happens to almost everybody. It is because that little groove makes it hard for hair to grow there. That groove is called the philtrum. Some people have a small philtrum while others have larger ones. The larger the philtrum, the more noticeable the gap will be.

As I said, don’t beat yourself up about it. We all have this. In my case, my mustache starts growing just above the groove, so it covers that gap. If your philtrum goes too close to your nose, this will prevent hair from growing from there.

There is one more reason as to why your mustache has a gap in the middle, and this is low testosterone. A lot of the time, people with low testosterone struggle to grow full beards. It can also cause people to have patchy beards. Maybe your gap is due to a patchy beard.

How To Hide Your Mustache Gap

Okay, so this section is the meat of the article, and we are going to talk about what you should do if you have a gap in your mustache. Some of these are pretty obvious ones, while others are there to help you speed up the process of growing out your mustache properly.

In this section, we will name 6 things that you can do to start covering that gap in your mustache. We are not talking about them as if they are different things. If you use all of these techniques combined, you will start seeing results in no time. So, let’s get into it.

Allow Your Mustache To Grow

The first step is just to allow your mustache to grow. Out of all the elements of a beard, your mustache takes the longest to fill in. In fact, as painfully slow as this might sound, in a lot of cases, it can take up to four months for the mustache to grow fully.

During this time, you might have to walk around with a little gap in your mustache. It shouldn’t be a problem, though. Just style it so that it looks natural.

It is essential that you first give your mustache at least 4 months to grow, at least once in your lifetime, just to see how it grows out. Then you will know what you are working with and whether or not it is actually even possible for you to grow hair in your philtrum.

Do Not Shave The Mustache

In this section, the last thing I want to do is get into a debate about whether or not shaving your beard, or your mustache will make it grow faster. I will rather keep my opinions on that to myself or for another article. What I can do is tell you about the importance of not shaving when trying to grow out the gap in your mustache.

Shaving your mustache can take away all the effort that you have already put in to try and get the mustache to grow in the Middle. With that being said, it probably won’t grow there if it isn’t already, so one way of covering that gap is to make sure that your mustache is bushy enough so that it hides it.

If you keep shaving your mustache wishing for different results, it’s just not going to work. Another thing is maybe your mustache is growing just above your philtrum, and you can’t really see it well. If you let it grow out, eventually, it will cover the gap.

Keep Trimming Your Mustache

I know I have just told you not to shave your mustache. Not shaving it can cause your mustache to become really untidy, so you want to keep trimming it. Hopefully, it will start to become bushy enough that it covers the gap but.

A bushy beard or mustache is a lot different from a long beard or long mustache. Trimming your mustache will also get rid of all the split ends that might occur in your mustache. Finally, trimming it will promote growth.

Mustache Wax

Mustache wax is pretty much the same as hair wax. It is there for styling, so why would I tell you to use mustache wax when you are simply just trying to cover the gap?

You will mainly use the mustache wax to force your mustache into the way you want it to be. So, basically, you can train the hairs to grow over the gap, and eventually, it will become less work to cover it.

As I mentioned before, if you can’t grow a beard over your philtrum naturally, it probably isn’t going to happen anytime soon. So, you might as well start training those hairs to go in one direction right now.

Use Beard Oils That Promote Growth

Beard oils, in my opinion, are an essential product in every man’s arsenal of self-care kits. What you want to do is use beard oil in your mustache, and hopefully, this can promote healthy growth. Also, you want the mustache to start growing thick enough so that there are no gaps in the middle.

Be sure to look out for beard oils that promote healthy growth. You can also check out our article on “Can Beard Growth Oil Be Used In Eyebrows?” for beard oils that promote hair growth.

Remember that with this healthy growth, you still need to keep trimming the ends of your mustache.

Comb Your Beard

Leading off of the mustache wax section, another thing that you want to make sure that you do every single morning and every night before bed are to comb your mustache. Try and comb it in a way that it covers more and more of your philtrum every day.

Embrace And Rock The Look 

If all else fails, the last thing you can do is to embrace the look. And you can rock it, trust me. You see a lot of people who have gaps in their mustache, and they still look really good.

You could actually use it to your advantage and style your mustache in new and different ways. You can even use the method that we spoke about above, comb and wax your mustache to get that look you are going for.


That brings us to the end of this article, and hopefully, we have helped you figure out exactly how you will solve the gap in the middle of your mustache. It is essential that you don’t get despondent during the process. Just allow your mustache to grow for 4 months and then try and look at what you are working with.

During these four months, try and follow all the steps that we listed above. Use the mustache wax, the beard oil, and comb your beard. Hopefully, at the end of these four months, you will grow out a full mustache with no gaps, no patches, and please make sure it’s neat.

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