Does Long Hair Look Better With A Beard? We Find Out

Your beard has started to grow, and you would like to have a bit more overall style as you start to consider how you would like to continue. Many people start wondering whether or not their long locks of hair will look good with their new bushy beards.

Long hair and long beards do not look good together; the general view of someone with this look is one of unkemptness. Some beard styles can work with long hair, but they require several hours of styling each morning to look proper, with the hair requiring just as much attention.

The amount of arguing that can take place about the long beard, short hair, flowing locks, and giant manes of hair are almost endless. We know that each person has a different structure to their face, so it is essential to understand the ins and outs of facial hair before committing to a style.

What is the ideal beard to hair ratios?

This is where to true mastering of your facial hair will always be; there is a specific ratio to each part that will make everything look better. We know that you must have the right hair to beard ratio to thoroughly enjoy the look of a refined man taking care of his facial features.

Each length of beard has a length of hair that would look best with it, with the length of your hair usually deciding how much attention you need to pay to your beard. We have all seen someone with slightly long hair and a bushy beard that is hard to judge whether he is rich or lost on the streets.

Proper beards coupled with shorter hair

It is always best to have a longer beard with shorter hair, if possible going entirely bald, as a well-groomed man requires that there be clear lines throughout.

We recommend that you be careful which styles you have, with longer beards requiring daily trimming and care. You must know which ratio is best for your hair length and type, as many of the best looks are natural instead of forced comfort.

Medium length beards with balanced hair

A beard that doesn’t quite touch your chest is what we would call a medium-length beard or shorter; these are the more likely beard styles you will be comfortable with. Long hair may look the best for these styles, with short stubbly beards always working great if you have shoulder-length hair.

Most women will prefer to have no beard if they are going to have longer hair, which is why you will often see men with long hair be clean-shaven. Long hair requires a lot of upkeep already, and any beard that needs daily trimming will cause you to spend hours in the bathroom.

Bushy beards and short hair

A bald man with a big bushy beard will always look the best, while neatly trimmed hair with a larger beard may also look perfect. A consensus has been that the longer your beard becomes, the shorter your hair should be.

This is to prevent the look of a lion, with a giant mane of hair that covers your head and is almost impossible to keep trimmed and looking good. Many men who have tried to have the full bushy beard and long hair will tell you that they or their loved ones do not love the look.

Why does long hair not look good with a beard?

You will look unkempt when your hair or beard is not trimmed correctly, washed, tied, braided, or just cared for in any manner.

Long hair on a man requires a lot of work to look good, while long beards require constant trimming, oiling, caring, and love to look acceptable. As each grows longer and longer, the amount of time and effort causes you to cut corners, eventually becoming someone most people would avoid.

As much as we would like to think we all look like Dumbledore with our long beards and hair, the truth is we mostly look like homeless Joe with our mane of hair. As we age, the possibility of becoming more refined and better looking with graying beards and hair may be there, though.

When should you know that the ratio is wrong?

When your beard starts fraying out at the edges, and your hair becomes so long that there is no clear line between where your beard starts, and your hair ends.

There should always be a clear dividing line between the two, and your beard must not simply blend into the hair on top of your head. This is the first sign you need to trim your beard or get a proper haircut; few people can pull off the full lion’s mane look.

You must ensure that your hair and beard have clear dividing lines between each other to have a good clean look that is almost ageless. An excellent way to measure when either is too long is to no longer tell whether your beard hair or head hair is falling out.

Are there any long hairstyles that will fit with a beard?

While the consensus is that long hair does not fit well with beards, some famous people have made the look be loved. Leading to many people thinking that to look good, all you need is a giant beard and shoulder-length hair.

However, this is not true, and there are only a few instances and facial structures where both a bushy beard and long hair will genuinely look good. To understand this, you need to know that there are only two proper hairstyles that will make your beard look good, both of which require a lot of work.

Styled beards with ponytail hair

If your long hair is pulled into a ponytail and you have a few centimeters long, you can easily have a fantastic styled beard look.

This requires that you trim and keep the beard short each morning while keeping your hair clean and preferably straightened. If your hair or beard becomes curled and extremely scraggly, you will not have a good look as you will lack the required sleekness for it to be effective.

Braided hair and shorter beard

Simply put, the Viking look for longer hair, and long beards will always look excellent if you have it appropriately styled.

Having both done each morning will become a chore, and it is best only to have this look for special events, but once you have everything proper, it will look amazing. Because of popular shows and movies, this is most likely the cause of many people wanting to grow longer hair and beards without realizing the amount of work needed.

What do people see when you have long hair and a beard?

We know that when you have an unkempt beard and long locks of hair, most people will see you as a homeless person.

This is true even if you are wearing a suit, as many people make first judgments on how your face and hair are structured. The association is there because of the general look that the homeless have, which is one of mangy lion’s manes that hide the actual shape of their faces.

We know that it can be frustrating to accept this reality, but that is most likely what most people would see. Unless you already have a loved one as well, or you can show in some other way that you are not homeless, it will also damper your success with the opposite sex.

What length of hair looks best on a man with a beard?

A neat, short hairstyle with a few leading lines and nicely stepped sides will always be the best hairstyle for a typical beard. Going completely bald is an excellent combination with a neat and trimmed longer beard as the two styles comfortably complement each other.

Many men that have never had either long hair or a long beard fail to realize just how much work either will be. It has become common for people to try having long beards and hair, ending up only having giant scraggly balls of curly chaos on their heads and faces.

Keeping your hair short when you start growing your beard will lessen a lot of the work you need to do each morning to get ready. Take ten minutes to trim, shape, and oil your beard, and you only need half a minute to quickly brush your hands through your hair to make it perfect.

How much work is it to care for long hair?

It may be funny to laugh at people taking over an hour to get ready, but you will realize just how much work it is once you have long hair. The hair needs to be dried out carefully, with many preferring to straighten their hair every few days; long hair is constant work that can take hours out of your week.

As hair grows longer, the regular manly routine does not work anymore; they require constant maintenance and special shampoos that aren’t too harsh. It is vital that long hair get constant maintenance, have the ends cut off, and add the proper treatment as the hair becomes older.

Ironically enough, most men have relatively thick hair, which allows the hair to take slightly more abuse but has the risk of becoming dirtier. This is why you will often see that men have long, thick locks of hair that most would die for, even if those men know almost nothing about hair care.

Why do you have to style your beard constantly?

Your beard will grow wild if you skip two or three days of not styling it, with most beards naturally being curly and thick. You must comb and oil your beard daily to ensure that everything is growing in the right direction and that the skin under the beard is not becoming dried out and damaged.

Giving the beard a trim every few days with the right scissors or trimmers will further ensure that your beard is always looking good. Many beard lovers have to learn this the hard way when they get a long beard and decide not to comb it, right until they have knots to sort out 2 hours before a big event.

Nothing hurts like having to pull out a knot in your beard after weeks of not combing it, as the beard hair hurts when forcefully pulled out. Adding some oils and combing it regularly is a must, which is why beards require constant care and maintenance.

How long should it take for your beard to grow properly?

Every young man that has hit puberty asks how long it will take for you to have a fully grown beard. You must ask and figure out an important question when you do decide to go full beard and have it become your pride and joy wherever you are walking.

No two beards on earth will grow at the same speed; your brother may have a full beard at the age of 18 while you only get a full beard in your late 20s. No matter what, once the beard has overcome its initial growth, it can take up to a year to grow full and bushy.

Many things influence the overall speed of your beard growth, with most men realizing and being comfortable with their beard growth by the age of 21. Your beard will eventually start growing; all you have to do is trust that it will appear when you and your body are ready for it.


Long hair is always popular with some men, and beards are always popular with others; however, combining the two can be tricky and complicated. It’s best to leave the complicated, long-haired, beard-going men to those who are either wise or have the money to be barbered every morning.

Whatever you do, please don’t grow the beard and the hair and then suddenly go wholly bald and clean-shaven, it confuses everyone, and the sunburn is never worth it!

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