Is Getting A Haircut Every Week Bad?

If you are determined to keep your cut fresh, you may decide to get it cut every week or so. But can this cause more harm than good? Read on to find out if getting a haircut every week is bad.

Getting a haircut every week is not bad. However, it may not be necessary to get a haircut every week. If you have short hair or a detailed cut, it is recommended to cut your hair every two weeks. However, people prefer to cut it every week. Long hair can be left for longer periods before cutting.

Read on to discover when it is best to cut your hair based on your hair length. 

Is It Bad To Have A Haircut Every Week?

Having a fresh cut requires maintenance and effort. This means constant trips to your local barber to keep your cut on point. But is going to the barber every week going to cause damage to your hair in the long run? Not necessarily.

Getting a haircut every week is completely fine and will not harm your hair in the long run. It’s important to remember that the condition of your hair is a result of both internal and external factors — for instance, genetics, diet, weather, etc.

Factors such as these can affect the appearance of your hair in a positive or negative way. In addition, haircuts are also a factor that can affect the state of your hair. However, haircuts can not negatively affect the condition of one’s hair (unless you had a bad haircut).

Instead, cutting one’s hair can prevent further breakage of split ends up the hair shaft and keep one’s hair looking healthy and well-maintained. Therefore, the question is no longer whether you should get a haircut every week, but rather, should you get a haircut every week? Having a haircut every week is not necessary for some people.

So how do you know if you are part of the population that needs or doesn’t need a haircut every week? Well, that is determined by the length of your hair and the style. Hair grows an average of half an inch per month.

This means that if you are one of those guys blessed with long luscious hair, you probably won’t notice any difference in hair length for quite some time, which ultimately means you can go for more extended periods without a haircut.

On the other hand, if you have extremely short hair, you will probably notice that the shortest part of your hair has become twice as long in just over a week. This means that men with short hair or those with intricate cuts need to have their hair cut regularly to keep it looking well maintained.

It is recommended that these men get their hair cut every 2-3 weeks. And while it is not necessary for someone to get their haircut every week, some people may prefer to do it if they have the money and the means. However, if you want to stretch your money, having a cut every two weeks would probably be a better choice.

How Often Should I Get A Haircut?

As mentioned before, the length of time between haircuts is determined by the length and style of your cut. As a general rule, if you have short hair (less than half an inch or have a fade), it is best to go in for a cut every 2 -3 weeks.

It is advisable to cut your hair no less than once a month to avoid your hair going out of shape and having unkempt lines. However, it should be noted that many people with very short hair prefer to have their hair cut once a week if they can afford it.

Moreover, add a week to the length of time you should wait between barber visits for every extra inch of hair.For short hair, but not extremely short, you can probably get away with cutting your hair every 4-6 weeks. For those with medium-length hair, it is advisable to cut your hair every 6-12 weeks.

Lastly, long hair should be cut every 3-5 months.If you desire to grow out your hair, you may be tempted to go months or even years without cutting your hair. Although this may sound like a sound plan, it may cause more harm than good.

Keep your hair looking healthy and in shape by trimming or cutting it regularly as it grows. If you fail to trim your hair on a regular basis, you may end up with a scruffy, messy appearance, which may not be so appealing. Hair cuts will also prevent split ends from forming, which, if left unchecked, can damage your hair.

How To Know When To Cut My Hair?

If you notice split ends, it is time to book an appointment with your local barber ASAP. Split ends indicate you have waited too long to cut your hair, and if you wait any longer, the split ends will travel further up the hair shaft, meaning you will have to cut off more hair than you might have wanted.

If you notice that your hair is starting to feel dry and brittle or is too flat, you may need a haircut. Cutting your hair will help revive the bounce and keep your hair looking healthy. If you are trying to maintain a style and find that the lines have become unkempt or lost its shape, it is time for a haircut.


Cutting your hair every week is not bad. If you have the money and the means, you can go to a barber every week, which will help keep your cut looking fresh. However, if you have long or medium-length hair, you can wait a bit longer before returning to the barber for a haircut.

In order to keep your hair healthy, make sure you don’t wait too long before getting a haircut. Overall, when you should cut your hair is dependent on the length and style of the hair.


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