Does Hair Gel Attract Bugs And Insects?

The only way to avoid bugs is by placing yourself in a hamster ball. I’m just joking. There is nothing worse than going outside for a fun day and just constantly being harassed by insects such as bees, mosquitoes, flies, and gnats. What attracts these bugs to you? Is it your hair products? Let’s take a look.

Unfortunately, yes, your hair product such as your hair gel or hairspray can be attracting bugs. You are more likely to encounter this problem in the summer. Also, different products attract different bugs. Sweet hair products mostly attract mosquitoes and bees, while fruity hair products can attract flies.

In this article, we will take an in-depth look at why insects are attracted to your hair products. We will then talk about flies, bees, and mosquitoes before moving on to what you can do to prevent your hair products from attracting insects. So, for everything you need to know, keep reading.

Why Are Insects Attracted To Hair Gel?

In the opening of this article, we mentioned the summer. That is because, in summers, you tend to get a lot more insects flying around. Not only do you get more of the year-round insects, but you also get summer-specific insects. It is honestly terrible. They can fly around our heads and be annoying, but is it your hair product?

Most hair products, including hair gels, contain certain ingredients that give off a certain scent and aromas.  Different smells can attract different insects depending on the ingredients. However, at the end of the day, it all boils down to the fact that there are ingredients that attract bugs in the hair gel.

So, if you are worried that maybe you are dirty, let me give you some peace of mind. You do not have to shower 7 times a day and wash your hair 9 times a day. You are not dirty; bugs are simply attracted to the smells that are in the ingredients of the hair gel.

Are Flies Attracted To Hair Gel?

If your hair gel or your hair products have any fruity aromas to them, it is possible that it can attract flies. However, flies are attracted to almost anything. This makes it impossible to pinpoint what they are attracted to. Are they simply attracted to your hair product, or are they just attracted to you for some other reason?

Another thing to consider is that flies are known to be attracted to oily hair. So, that is something that you should think about when using hair products. It is not really a case of the product itself. Rather, it is the frequency at which you wash the hair product out of your hair. Also, consider the effectiveness of how you wash the products out.

Are Bees Attracted To Hair Products?

So, a lot of people have allergies when it comes to bees. That is why I felt like this section deserves to be on its own. We are literally dealing with people’s health. With that being said, are bees attracted to hair products? Let’s take a look.

Bees will be attracted to any sweet hair products. Studies have actually found that bees are most attracted to hairspray because they contain sweet ingredients.

This can be extremely frustrating for people who are just trying to have a fun day out. But they keep getting what they perceive to be attacked by bees for no reason. Well, you are not being attacked; you are simply just attracting them with hairspray or sweet hair gel.

You will find that bees are also attracted to hair wax. This is because hair wax often contains beeswax, and that is a product that comes from honey bees. So, while it is not actually honey, it is still quite sweet and may attract bees.

Does Hair Gel Attract Mosquitos?

Mosquitoes are attracted to everything. They are the most annoying insect I have come across. It might seem at times that they are specifically attracted to your hair. This is because they keep buzzing around close to your ears. However, this might not be the case.

Mosquitoes are attracted to heat from your body. They are also attracted to carbon dioxide, and they are attracted to your body odor. So, whether or not you are wearing hair gel or fragrances, mosquitos are just going to be attracted to you. They are attracted to you for you. Take it as a compliment.

Can A Mosquito Bite Your Scalp?

While I was coming up with this article, I saw a lot of questions. One was regarding whether or not mosquitoes can bite through your hair. The simple answer is, yes, they can in some cases. However, they are likely not going to bother themselves with that. If they do, they probably will not succeed.

The mosquito would rather target exposed skin. So, if you’re worried that your hair gel is going to make a mosquito bite you on your head, I wouldn’t worry about that. Maybe worry about your forehead, but that’s about it.

Bugs Attracted To Your Hair Gel? Here’s What To Do

I feel like we can talk for days and days about what bugs are attracted to what products. That is fine and all, but it’s not going to really do much for you. I feel like we have highlighted the most important ones. The best thing to do is talk about what you should do if insects are attracted to your products.

If I am being honest, there is not much that you can do. We can try our best, though. 

So, if you want to have a carefree summer and have the confidence to go out knowing that you aren’t going to have bugs around you. Well, at least not because of your hair gel, then I recommend that you keep reading. Here are our 2 steps you can take to prevent bugs from being attracted to your hair gel.

Look For Gels That Have Bug Repellent In Them

This is extremely difficult, I know. However, some products actually tell you that they are bug repellent. You might have to look at the back of the bottle, tub, jar, or can. If the product is not labeled as being able to repel bugs, there is a plan. There are some things that you can look out for that might help. 

Any product that has Coconut oil or eucalyptus in them will do well at repelling bugs. Bugs are not too fond of these aromas. Some people also suggest using products that have a lemon kind of aroma. However, you do run the risk of attracting bees. They do like lemon trees, after all.

Stop Buying Sweet Hair Gels

If you cannot find the type of products that we listed above, your next step is to simply stop buying sweet hair sprays and hair gels. So, what should you look out for?

You can look out for products that have a strawberry or fruity smell to them. That is just a small example. Sweet aromas can include pineapple, vanilla, berries, and so on.

Avoid Wax

This is another tough one. Because I have thick hair, I actually use hair wax every day. It is up to you. How annoying do bees get for you?


I guess, at the end of the day, it’s not so bad. All you need to do is keep a fly swatter with you or a mosquito racket, and you will be fine. Just joking, you will look like a crazy person if you walk around with a mosquito racket. So, try and find products that aren’t sweet and are not fruity. If the bugs are a serious problem for you, go for a neutral smelling product.

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