Beard Trimmer Keeps Pulling Hair? Do This!

You made the excellent choice to invest in a beard trimmer, and now, perhaps after using it for some time, your hair is getting caught in between the razors, and shaving has turned into a painful experience. If your beard trimmer keeps pulling your hair, you’ve come to the right place for help.

Your beard trimmer keeps could be pulling your hair for several reasons. Between low-quality trimmers, bad shaving technique, length, and required maintenance, you can identify the issue and find out how to fix the problem.

Beard trimmers need to be performing at their best to give you a good, clean shave. And, for the most part, if your beard trimmers are pulling your hair, it means that there’s something wrong with your beard trimmer.

Why Your Beard Trimmer Keeps Pulling Hair

1.    Low Quality

If your beard trimmer is pulling your hair out, especially if it’s relatively new, the most probable reason that it is doing so is that you’ve got a cheap, low-quality beard trimmer. As is the case with pretty much everything else, you get what you pay for with beard trimmers.

You don’t have to necessarily go for the most expensive beard trimmers that you can find. You just want something with a high-powered motor, and that has a lengthy warranty. Budget beard trimmers just aren’t worth the expense at all. They won’t last as long, and you may never have a comfortable shave.

You don’t need to spend much; there are plenty of great value-for-money beard trimmers out there that yield a good power output. The trick is to strike the right balance between affordability and quality.

It also may not be a matter of quality, but just that you haven’t got the appropriate beard trimmers. Depending on what kind of beard you have, thick, full, coarse, curly, or wiry, the beard trimmer may simply not match the consistency of your beard. Do your research, read some reviews, and ensure that you’re buying the beard trimmer that suits your beard’s texture.

2.    Bad Shaving Technique

Getting started with beard trimmers is quite an adjustment from traditional shaving and can be challenging at first. Most people realize that beard trimmers aren’t for them when they find out, for example, that it doesn’t cut as close as a razor. So don’t be so quick to judge your beard trimmers too quickly because it could just be that you haven’t got a hold of the right technique.

It is inevitably going to feel uncomfortable at the beginning as your skin adjusts to the blade. You need to shave with the grain, not against it, for example.

However, the main point is that you cannot press your beard trimmers too hard against your skin. It should be gliding easily across your face and trimming all the hairs it comes into contact with your beard down to perfection.

3.    Beard Is Too Long

Most beard trimmers are made to be used on beards only up to a certain length. If you go over several parts of your hair many times and apply pressure to get that look you’re going for, it will result in pain and discomfort.

The solution would be to rather invest in a beard trimmer that’s designed specifically for long beards or in a pair of beard scissors to snip some of the areas your regular beard trimmer can’t handle.

4.    Beard Trimmer Needs Lubricant

If you’re still not finding any answers, you’d be surprised by what cleaning and lubricating your beard trimmer can do for its performance and the consistency with which it cuts your hair. Dead skin, hair, and dirt can build up between your blades or on the beard trimmer’s motor.

Even if you don’t use it regularly, your beard trimmers still need to be thoroughly cleaned with hot water and some liquid soap. However, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning methods so that you don’t damage the machinery in the beard trimmers.

You’re also going to need lubricant to ensure optimal performance and extend the lifespan of your beard trimmers. You can use a natural spray cleaner, light oil like clipper oil, or other suitable lubricants. NB: Don’t use heavy oils (like 3-in-1 oil). They are too thick and can contain harmful substances.

5.    Replace Your Beard Trimmer

If you’ve read through all of the points above and are still not identifying the problem, it’s possible that your beard trimmer is just too old and worn out. These wonderful tools do have a lifespan. Its battery may not be operating the way it used to; the razors may be blunt, and the motor may be a problem too.

You can opt to change the razor blades or freshen up other components, but it’s not worth taking a trial-and-error strategy to determine the problem unless you have identified exactly what’s wrong.

Instead, you should just close your eyes and spend some money on a new beard trimmer. If your current beard trimmer had served you well for many years before it started pulling hair, you’re fully aware that it’s a long-term expense and worth every cent.

What To Do If Your Beard Trimmer Is Pulling Hair (TOPC)

There is a straightforward four-point strategy that you can use to make sure your beard trimmers are in optimal condition. It’s called the TOPC method.


The blades in your beard trimmers do get bent or broken after many years of use. So check whether they are presenting any issues.


Next up, you need to oil your beard trimmers and lubricate them to ensure that they can slide across each other without unnecessary friction.


Now you need to check the power of your beard trimmers. Check that it has been fully charged and that any plugs or cables are operating correctly.

You will know that power is the issue if you can pinch the two blades together and stop them from moving while it’s turned on.


Once again, cleaning your beard trimmers regularly is essential. If your beard trimmer is packed with hair, lather, dead skin, and dirt, it should come as no surprise that it’s pulling your hair!


A beard trimmer can work wonders for your daily shaving routine, but far too many people get turned off by adjusting from traditional shaving. It takes your skin time to adapt and, if you still have an uncomfortable experience, you need to make sure you’re buying good quality, maintaining it properly, using the proper shaving technique.

Use the TOPC technique to ensure that your beard trimmers are functioning properly and, if it doesn’t help, there’s nothing you can do other than throw this beard trimmer out and buy a new one.


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