Are Beard Trimmers Waterproof?

Beard trimmers are an essential part of every man’s grooming kit and offer convenience, allowing you to breeze through your morning shave. But, if you like to shave in the shower, are beard trimmers waterproof?

Some beard trimmers are equipped with IPX7 waterproof protection, but other beard trimmers don’t. If you plan to shave in the shower, you need to ensure that it is designed for that purpose. IPX7 waterproof protection will protect the electronic components in your beard trimmer.

I’m not one to shave in the shower, but I also don’t have to rush through my mornings, and a waterproof beard trimmer can save you a lot of time, especially if you’re also using beard trimmers to get rid of body hair. Let’s take a look at how they work.

IPX7 Waterproof Beard Trimmers & How They Work

What is IPX7 waterproof protection? It’s more commonly known as the technology used in waterproof headphones and even some smartphones these days.

IP stands for ingress protection, and the IP rating (X7) is a two-digit number that measures the level of a device’s protection against dangerous touches (i.e., dropping it) and the intrusion of dust, liquids, and many other elements.

With an IP rating of X7, waterproof beard trimmers are protected against immersion in water up to a depth of 1 meter (3 feet) for 30 minutes. In practice, this means that you could drop your waterproof beard trimmers in the bath, and they wouldn’t come out any worse for wear. Shower water, on the other hand, will have absolutely no effect, and your waterproof beard trimmers will operate without problems for at least two years.

Benefits Of Waterproof Beard Trimmers

Waterproof Beard Trimmers are not only an excellent addition to your grooming kit because they can be used in the shower, but they provide a bunch of added benefits that a razor doesn’t.

Firstly, they are skin-friendly and do not create any rashes because the blades run so smoothly across your skin. The smooth finish from a waterproof beard trimmer means you will always be perfectly clean-shaven without compromising on healthy skin.

There’s also no risk of cutting or burns when using brush trimmers due to precision dials. Is there anything worse than a deep, stinging cut that ruins your cleanly shaven look? Well, you can say goodbye to the damage that razors do to those tricky areas.

Most waterproof beard trimmers are portable and lightweight. They’re very easy to travel with and take up less space than any other shaving device (and shaving products). Not to mention, you’ll be getting more out of a waterproof beard trimmer in terms of lifespan, and their motors are designed to last two years at least.

Finally, a waterproof beard trimmer gives you the option of growing out a perfectly maintained beard with their adjustable attachments that will trim your beard to a perfect, consistent length. So if you don’t like the clean-shaven look, you can achieve the same cultured, clean-cut appearance with a bit of extra spice.

The benefits of buying a waterproof beard trimmer far outweigh the costs, and they genuinely blow their competition out of the water. But you should make sure that you are getting a genuine, good quality product. Opting for the cheapest waterproof beard trimmer means that the blades, motor, and grips may not last as long.

The Waterproof Beard Trimmer Components That Matter

If you’re convinced that you need to get your hands on a waterproof beard trimmer, when buying it, you need to look out for some key components when assessing the quality of whatever brand you decide to get. You can find a catalog of waterproof beard trimmers on Amazon.

Whether it’s waterproof is pretty much the first thing to look out for, so just check that it has IPX7 waterproof protection because there are plenty of beard trimmers out there that aren’t suitable for the shower.

Battery power is also an essential consideration if you’re opting for a cordless trimmer. And you should prioritize the waterproof beard razors with the best battery life. Don’t fret over spending a bit more; it’ll probably last longer with a good quality rechargeable battery. Also, check how long it will take to charge the battery.

Whether you opt for a corded or cordless trimmer is up to you, but cordless is the only way to go in my books. Unless you have a power outlet next to your shower, it won’t be possible. And it takes away from the convenience of a waterproof beard trimmer. Ultimately, it won’t make a difference to the performance of your waterproof beard trimmer, though.

The shape of your waterproof beard trimmer should be another consideration because it will determine how comfortable your shave is. You should be looking for one with the best grip, preferably with a rubber body. Beard trimmers are designed specifically for comfort and efficiency, so think about how it’s going to feel when pressed up and moving against your skin.

Finally, take a look at the waterproof beard trimmer’s accessories, such as a slider that allows you to trim your beard at specific lengths or different attachments that fulfill the same function.

Alternatives To Waterproof Beard Trimmers

Some alternatives may suit your specific needs if you’re not interested in shaving in the shower or aren’t willing to invest in a waterproof beard trimmer.

Good, old-fashioned razors are the obvious alternative to a waterproof beard trimmer, considering they can be used in the shower as well. They are timeless and, if you’re shaving with the proper technique, you can get a smooth shave that will see you through the day.

However, they do have a propensity to cut your skin or leave you with shaving rash. And it takes far longer to shave with a razor, so it may not work with your morning routine.

You also get regular beard trimmers that aren’t waterproof. They won’t cost as much without the IPX7 waterproof protection and, if you don’t mind shaving before or after your shower, it’s not much of a compromise. They’re still good for your skin, convenient, don’t cut you, and offer an extra level of comfort.

Regular beard trimmers are not quite as versatile, and they do sometimes leave rashes, considering that your skin is dry while you’re shaving.

Alternatively, if you’re simply looking to style a beard, rather than getting a clean shave, a pair of beard scissors will offer you maximum precision and allow you to shape your beard in a way that a waterproof beard trimmer won’t. You won’t get the clean shave you’re looking for with scissors, though, so you’d have to combine your trimming with some razor work to get the perfect outline.


Beard trimmers have a lot to offer when it comes to convenient and effortless shaving due to their versatility. And they do give your skin that smooth, consistent, undamaged look that takes far too much effort to maintain with any other shaving accessory.


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