Is It Manly To Have a Cat?

The world of being a man can be a confusing place to call home, with many of us running around wondering what the manliest thing we can do is. You should be doing many things, like always adhering to the bro code, not asking for directions, and knowing when to flip a steak for the perfect sizzle. However, when you are looking for your pet companion, you may wonder what to choose, a dog or a cat, with many men believing cats are not manly enough.

Yes, it is manly to have a cat. Cats are murder machines that will know how to take care of themselves most of the time. The original stigma about men owning cats was born from misinformation and outdated commercials from the mid-20th century that regularly promoted incorrect information.

Many people wonder just how men with cats are different, why it should be a part of the filtering process, and just what advantages having a cat brings to the dating scene. Knowing how cats are different from dogs and how having one as a pet when you are either single or married for 20 years will change is quite important.

Getting to know the world of cats and their weird idiosyncrasies will allow you to build a much more accurate world view!

How do cats help in the dating scene?

A study was done to test how effective having a cat in your profile picture is to have dates, some good news and some less than good news that should be considered when you make your social profiles around the web. Trust us, keeping these updated can save you hours of pain when a girl is not aware you may have shaved your beard.

Men who have pets in their profile pictures are much more likely to find a date successfully. However, there is a catch. While men with cats are much more successful than men without any animal, there is a difference in the success rates between cats and dogs. The study showed that while cats are beneficial, having a dog with you in the picture will be even more effective.

As you can imagine, this may drive some men away from owning a cat as they want to be as successful in their online dating as possible. However, this should not discourage you, as the study showed that the women who chose men with cats are also a bit more self-sufficient and capable of making their own decisions.

What are the benefits of having a cat?

The benefits of having a dog are obvious, and every great family sitcom has logged this away somewhere. However, there are benefits to having a cat that should never be forgotten. Some of the cats you can commonly find around the world will be perfect for the bachelor life, easily transitioning into family life once you make some progress in that area.

These are the top advantages to having a cat as your pet, whether you are single or a full-time family man.

  • Self-control: Cats are almost impossible to train; however, this does not mean they are slobs or useless. Cats are capable of quickly becoming self-efficient and will learn what they are allowed to do and not do quite easily, the first and foremost of these being potty trained within a few weeks.
  • Limited attention: Cats do not always want or need attention, with most common breeds adjusting to the amount of attention that you can provide. This means that if you are incapable of providing several hours of hugs and love, they will not die from sadness. Most common cats that are up for adoption will require consistency more than quantity. However, if you have a family that can provide loads of attention, you will find that cats can become loveable oafs that feed off the attention constantly.
  • Sleep: Let’s face it, we’re not all Casanovas, and while we would like to believe we choose to sleep alone each night, it’s not the truth. It only takes a few experiences to learn that sleeping next to someone, even just cuddling, can be life-changing. Cats have a similar effect when they decide to sleep with you in the same bed. Most people report having better sleep schedules and deeper sleep rhythms once they have adopted a cat.
  • Energy: Every human on earth has done one thing at least once in their life if they have a device capable of doing it anyway. That is watching cat videos on the internet, either their reactions to strange things, them sleeping, or cats just being cats. Research has shown this is extremely beneficial to your health, which means that owning a cat brings this rejuvenation of energy consistently. Plus, watching your cat accidentally run into a door never gets old, or so we’re told.
  • Similarities: If you have ever been on a blind date, you will find yourself wondering why a friend had thought this person would be for you. Having a pet changes this drastically. People with similar pets usually get along a lot easier as their values will much more likely intersect with each other. Cats bring out people like you, and they usually bring out the best of you as well, just don’t have more than one cat if you live alone.

What are the manly breeds of cats?

Like all pets out in the world, there are many different breeds of cats to choose from, not all being the same, and others having specific differentiations that make them loveable. When you are choosing your cat, you need to know which ones are best for you and your lifestyle and what their moods will be as you two grow up together.

Just be sure you don’t choose the nearest, closest kitten because it looks cute. You’re a man; at least consider its effectiveness in the hunt.

  • Domestic Cat: Let’s face it unless you grew up with cats, you won’t know more than what has been on TV and YouTube about cats. Which makes the domestic cat the best place to start your pet ownership. These are the most common cats in the world and are noted for one specific thing; they can adapt to almost any environment around them. Making them perfect for the playboy millionaire philanthropist or just the newly single gaming nerd.
  • Burmese: A slight twist from the previous cat, Burmese cats, requires slightly more attention from their owners. However, they will return this attention with affection, and many pet owners have enjoyed having them as their first cat. It should be noted that this loveable and affectionate cat does not require more than a weekly brushing to keep its hair in check.
  • British Shorthair: With an obvious country of origin, this cat is self-confident and will quickly learn to live on its own, with many of them being a part of the family without requiring hours of work each day. Their short hair means a lot less grooming and will be the perfect way to show your manliness by not being entirely dependant on your daily feeding. Just be careful; the local bird population might take a rapid dive.
  • Maine Coon: The only cat that requires hours upon hours of attention, this cat is the true embodiment of the dude cat. This regal breed of a cat requires attention and regular grooming but will deliver upon this work in kind by becoming one of the largest cat breeds kept in the house. Maine Coon’s look amazing once fully grown but might become a bit attention jealous if you introduce someone new to your house.


No pet can be considered not manly. If you are with a group of friends that think owning one of any type is wrong, they may just be insecure about themselves more than anything. Taking care of any other living creature is one of the clearest signs that you are perfectly capable of being a man, in some ways more manly than most.

Just be sure to remember that you love your cat in some way when they inevitably decide that the scratches are no longer welcome and only deserves a scratch. They’re battle scars now, to be shown off on the next date!

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