Advantages And Disadvantages Of 6 Pack Abs

Most people secretly wish they could have a set of six-pack abs. However, only 2% of the world’s population can boast of having great abs. People go on a journey of ups and downs trying to get their abs in shape. Is this a trip you’d like to take?

The advantages of having six-pack abs include increased self-confidence and improved general health.

The disadvantages include affecting your mental health negatively, causing lower back pain, and breathing problems. A carefully planned training and diet regime are needed to get those six-pack abs.

Before starting your belly-shredding journey, you might want to know some advantages and disadvantages of exposing your inner six-pack abs. This will provide you with further information to help you create your own conclusions.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Having 6-Pack Abs?

It is time to delve into some of the myths of the good, the bad, and the ugly regarding the physique in the health and fitness industry. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages first.

The Advantages Of Having 6-Pack Abs

With a controversial topic like this, some good points have to be mentioned. Here are some of the main benefits six-pack abs have to offer. 

6 Pack Abs Can Improve Your Overall Health

Everyone knows being overweight is not the healthiest lifestyle. Having abdominal fat exposes you to many health issues down the line, such as diabetes and heart disease, but it is also impossible to have a six-pack with abdominal fat.

With a six-pack and a slim waistline, you will be very low at risk for diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Not only will you be living a better and healthy life, but you’ll also grant yourself the opportunity to live longer

Having A 6 Pack Boosts Your Confidence

With only 2% of the world’s population, who can claim that they have a six-pack with you being one of them is one of the best feelings known to humankind.

Taking your shirt off in public will never be an issue. When it’s summertime and it is time to hit the beach, getting female attention will be the last worry on your mind. Being in shape presents you to be more attractive with or without clothes. It makes you feel good, and when you feel good, you do good.

6 Pack Abs Increases Your Willpower

Building muscle is no easy task. This means you must have well-balanced meals and not consume those sugary treats! Resisting temptation and staying consistent is key.

This demands a lot of self-discipline and perseverance. By the end of this journey, you will be a master of willpower. You can take what you have learned from this experience and apply it to any struggle you may face in life. 

Training For A 6 Pack Creates Healthy Eating Habits

When you decide to start training for a set of six-pack abs having the correct diet is vital. Your kitchen is where it all begins.

Training will be pointless without the right food in your fridge and cupboards. While on the journey of getting a six-pack, you and your body will adapt to healthy eating habits. Since it will take a long time to see the abs you desire, in the meantime, it will become second nature to eat lean meals for supper instead of takeout.

The Disadvantages Of Having 6-Pack Abs

Now it is time to delve into some of the myths of the bad and the ugly regarding the physique in the health and fitness industry. Let’s take a look at the downsides that come with a ripped set of abs. 

6 Pack Abs Result In Low Body Fat Percentage

To flex and show off your six-pack, you need to have a low body fat percentage, but a low body fat percentage is terrible for your health in the long run. Anything under 8% for men or 14% for women can be considered an unhealthy body fat percentage.

Whether you are muscular or skinny, it does not matter. Your body demands a certain amount of fat to function correctly. It is not healthy to have such low body fat for an extended period of time.

6 Pack Abs Can Cause Lower Back Pain

Generally, lower back pain is mainly caused by compressed nerve roots or compressed vertebrae. The main point is that you have to stabilize your spine to elevate the pain.

In the case of a six-pack, when the front portion of your spine is constantly flexed, there will be no relaxation for your lower back. This ends up with more compression leading up to pain.

6 Pack Abs Interfere With Your Breathing

Your breathing consists of your lungs, diaphragm, and accessory respiratory muscles. The “Rectus Abdominis Muscle,” what we know as the 6-pack, is directly connected to the lower part of your ribcage.

When your abs are in a contracted state, it will further pull your ribcage down and restrict the free gliding movement of the lungs and interfere with your breathing.

6 Packs Take A Toll On Your Mental Health

It is no secret what the ideal body for male and females are today. For women, it is being thin with a small waistline, and for males, it is broad shoulders with ripped abs. This automatically sets the standard of how we are supposed to look through the eyes of the media.

Studies from researchers of the Norwegian University of Science and Harvard University investigated the link between male body image issues and mental health.

A researcher interviewed 2,460 men aged 18-32 about their gym habits, and about 10% of them have “body-image disorder.” You can click here to read more about this study.

With this disorder, they will feel guilty when missing out on one workout even while they are in excellent shape; they will still feel the need to be thinner.

Oftentimes because of the pressure and this disorder, depression and illegal supplements like anabolic steroids come into play.


Getting the six-pack abs of your dreams and claiming your spot in that 2% of the world’s population will not be an easy task but will definitely teach you valuable lessons that you can apply to other things in your life as well.

Your fitness goals can be gratifying, but they will also come with a price.

Just make sure you are doing it for the right reasons and, most importantly, that you are doing it for yourself. It is better to focus on feeling good rather than looking good.


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