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Can You Start A Beehive With Just a Queen?

You cannot start a bee colony with a queen bee alone. A bee colony is a community of bees, where different bees have different functions, and they all depend on one another to fulfill their part for the colony to survive. The queen is pretty much helpless on her own and will not survive on her own, nor be able to build a colony without other bees.

Can You Leave a Beehive Alone?

Beehives cannot be left alone but require active management and maintenance to keep your hives healthy and productive. Hives that are left to their own devices may last a few years, but at some point, the bees will abscond from the hive to find more suitable accommodation that better meets their needs.

Should Yogurt Taste Sour Or Has It Gone Bad?

Yogurt is a cultured dairy product that is supposed to taste sour or tart. A sour taste in yogurt is different from the sour taste in milk when it begins to go off. There are other indicators that will let you know if your yogurt has gone bad or whether it is still good to eat.

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