Is Taekwondo Better Than Boxing?

Boxing is one of the oldest and most popular combat sports around while Taekwondo is relatively new. We “relatively” because while it is not “new”, it is when you compare it to Boxing. If you are trying to prove a point to a friend or if you are thinking of taking up one of these sports but want to know which is best, you are in the right place.

In terms of money and popularity, Boxing beats Taekwondo and almost every other combat sport. In terms of flare, creativity, and aerobics, Taekwondo wins. Comparing the two is not really fair as they both appeal to different types of people. They both also teach two different types of mental discipline.

This is a topic that I have been looking forward to writing as I have a genuine love for both sports. We are going to discuss what makes these two heavy-hitting sports so great and then compare them against each other. So, for everything you need to know, keep reading.

But before we can compare the two sports, we need to talk about both of them.

What Is Taekwondo

Taekwondo is a Korean combat martial art that is strike focused. It places a heavy emphasis on kicking techniques. The art form isn’t that old, as it was developed in the 1940s and introduced globally in the 1960s. Taekwondo is inspired by other martial art forms, such as karate.

The Five Tenets of Taekwondo

There are five tenets (rules) that get taught in Taekwondo. The Tenets should be followed at all times because one thing that Taekwondo teaches us is discipline. Below is a list of the Tenets:

  • Integrity: Acting with integrity is something we all learn as youngsters, but Taekwondo teaches you how to implement it.
  • Courtesy: If you can show courtesy to those who you are competing against, showing it to people you meet in your everyday life will be almost like second nature.
  • Self-control: This can be carried over into almost all the decisions we make in our lives. Having self control with the way we react to things, our financial decisions, and at work is a massive advantage in getting ahead in life. You can also link this with discipline.
  • Perseverance: Keep going, that’s pretty much it. In life, we face a lot of different challenges. Taekwondo teaches you that no matter what life throws at us, we must keep going.
  • Indomitable spirit: This has to be my favorite of the bunch. It means that we can’t be subdued or defeated, but I like to see it in a more specific way. No matter what we face or who we face, even in defeat, our spirit will stay strong, so we can never truly be defeated.

I just quickly want you to think about all of these Tenets and link them together. Start from the bottom, Indomitable Spirit >> Integrity. Link them together like that and think of recent or past situations where a deep understanding of them would have helped you.

If you are deciding which sport to get your kids into, these five tenets can be pretty persuasive. We all want the best for our kids, and these disciplines can help in almost all aspects of their life.

What Is Boxing

Boxing is also a martial art, but it is very different from Taekwondo. The sport is one of the most ancient combat sports dating back to Greece. It was considered an Olympic sport in 688 BC. That is a long time ago, but the sport really started evolving into what it is today, in the 16th century.

Boxing can teach you a lot mentally. It doesn’t teach us life lessons in the traditional way that other martial arts do. With Boxing, it is more about learning more about yourself through trial, error, pushing yourself to your physical limitations and pain.

Physically, you will learn balance, composure, strength, how to avoid punches, and more.

Just to recap, these are the things that Boxing, even as a hobby can teach you:

  • Heart: You will learn how much heart you have when you start getting punched. How much does it take before you throw in the towel?
  • Mental and Physical awareness: This is great for any situation you might find yourself in, especially for self-defense. Being able to read what your opponent will do and what your current position is will give you an advantage.
  • Courage: Nobody wants to get punched. That said, you will start learning that most things aren’t as bad as they seem. You might find yourself being more excited to try new things.
  • Discipline: Sometimes, when we watch Boxers before a fight, they seem a little unhinged and undisciplined. This is far from true. You might be thinking of the most vocal fighters like Muhammad Ali, Tyson Fury, Mike Tyson, and Floyd Mayweather and think, they aren’t disciplined. When it comes to training and fighting, they are, trust me, they would not have been as great as they are/were without discipline.

Taekwondo VS Boxing: Which Is Better?

As I said at the beginning of the article, comparing the two is not fair. What we can do is tell you what is best depending on your needs and goals. We are all different, and our uniqueness is what makes human beings so great. What is good for one might not be good for someone else.


If you are looking to learn self-defense and discipline at the time, Taekwondo is best for you. This includes your kids. Taekwondo is not as dangerous as Boxing, and you can go through training without ever fighting someone else. Even if you do, it is not that bad.

If you think flying kicks and acrobatics is cool, Taekwondo might also be a good choice for you. Finally, for fitness, Taekwondo is great. It can help with strength and conditioning in ways most other sports and hobbies struggle to do.

If you know that you are serious and will spend at least 2 days a week training, you will be doing some crazy and cool kicks that you thought were impossible.


If you want to learn how to defend yourself by being more aggressive, boxing is great for you. That said, we did discuss the mental lessons that boxing teaches but in my experience, the lessons aren’t as enforced as they are in Taekwondo.

For your kid, getting them into boxing will teach them the disciplines we mentioned above. In terms of self-defense, it will teach your kids how to be tough.

For fitness, Boxing is great, but it is not as good as Taekwondo. In terms of danger, Boxing is much more dangerous than Taekwondo. Does that mean you should stay away from it? In my experience, no.


Both sports are great, both will teach you great life lessons, and both will get you fit and strong in no time.

We have to admire the history of Boxing. For a sport to be as old as it is and still be so popular is an achievement on its own. If you do decide to take up Boxing, you will be part of its very rich and diverse history. That, to me, is incredible.

Taekwondo also has a very rich history that is embedded in almost all Koreans, especially because Army service is compulsory in Korea, and Taekwondo is part of their training. Being part of Taekwondo’s history is also very appealing, in my opinion.

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