Is Cold Water Bad For Abs?

Most guys dream of having that attractive body with sexy abs showing. And while sculpting that body to show off at every possible opportunity, you might wonder how to effectively utilize that one most vital part of your diet – water. Does water, specifically cold water, hinder or help when you work your way to hot abs? Thirsty for answers, we drink from the wells of science and fitness expert advice.

Cold water is not bad for abs. Water is essential for hydration and body temperature regulation, and regardless of its temperature, it aids with digestion, muscle development, and hormone balance. Cold water, in particular, also helps with extending workout time and improves post-workout recovery.

There are some effects that the temperature of the water can have during its consumption or utilization. Cold water can have adverse side effects on your health if used in extreme temperatures or in combination with certain medical conditions. Still, it also has surprising benefits that can assist with your fitness regime. Let’s dive into more detail.

The Effects Of Cold Water On Abs

For men to visibly improve their abs, it is usually required for their body fat percentage to drop below 13%, and their muscles need to be appropriately toned. This requires both diet and exercise, both of which rely on water.

Whether you wish to drink it or immerse your body in it, cold water is vital to your health. So, while you drink it, bathe in it, or take a swim, what actually happens to your gut?

The Effects Of Drinking Cold Water On Digestion

Water is essential to the way your body stays healthy by assisting with digestion and delivering nutrients and minerals throughout the body. When you drink water, your stomach fills, and it helps eliminate toxins that you absorb from your environment and food.

It is also worth noting that water does not contain any calories, making it impossible to gain weight by drinking water. Sufficient water is necessary to prevent constipation, and a lack of enough water will slow down digestion. Healthy digestion and proper levels of nutrition and hydration are non-negotiable when aiming for weight loss.

While cold water is generally considered more appealing than warm water, it also can have different effects on digestion. While drinking more water typically leads to more calories burnt, cold water also has a temperature differential (compared against core body temperature), leading to a minor energy burn to regulate temperature, which can aid weight loss when consistently observed.

Drinking water also reduces your appetite and limits overeating during the day. Cold water is popularly considered tastier than hot water, so people are more likely to drink enough to prevent cravings such as snacks or unhealthy, sugary drinks. Some people may also experience dehydration as hunger, and sufficient water intake prevents overeating.

The Effects Of A Cold Shower On Your Muscles

A cold shower in the morning may not sound appealing, but there are benefits to subjecting your muscles to the cruel torture of uncomfortable temperature. Contact with cold water can help regulate blood circulation, increase oxygen intake, and deliver feelings of freshness. Soaking your abs in cold water after a workout will help them relax, tighten your skin, and also stimulate belly fat burning.

There is also some evidence that cold condition exposure, such as a cold shower, will stimulate the burning of fat to regulate your body temperature. As a result of the cold conditions your body finds itself in, brown fat cells (commonly found in the neck and shoulder areas) will actively seek to burn other fats to prevent your body from freezing.

Ways To Get More Cold Water Into And Around Your Body

Given the many benefits that cold water has for your body (and considering your hectic daily routine), here are some ways to maximize your consumption:

  1. Aim to drink 15 cups of water or more per day. Get a good start in the morning when you wake up. Drinking a glass of cold water will give an early metabolism boost. Continue doing this around an hour before every meal to keep your metabolism going throughout the day.
  2. Put ice cubes into your water bottle while you exercise. The cubes will melt, and you will have a refreshing cold drink to quench your thirst and extend your workout.
  3. If your water might heat up before you drink it or your water source doesn’t taste good, adding a little flavor will enhance its taste and increase your appetite for it. Lemon juice, cucumber, mint, and ginger each have benefits for your diet and go well with a drink of water. Avoid adding flavorants that have added sugar.
  4. Get convenient containers to carry your water supply in during your exercise. For longer hikes, bottle holders for your pack are helpful. For shorter and more frantic regimes, hydration packs with sipper tubes allow for a more accessible delivery mechanism and will reduce spillage.
  5. Ensure that you drink water before bed, when waking up in the morning, before your workout, and during and after exercise. Forcing your body into this routine will create good effective habits to prevent dehydration and optimize your water consumption.
  6. Work a cold shower into your shower routine. You don’t have to take a long cold shower to reap the benefits. Start with lukewarm water, decrease the temperature gradually, endure it for at least 2 to 3 minutes, and then alternate between hot and cold. For an extra energy kick, you can end your shower in this way, particularly in the summer.
  7. Go swimming. Playing games in the pool or another body of water will make time go by faster, and you still get the benefits of exercise and exposure to cold water. The added weightlessness of the water makes this an ideal exercising alternative when you want to avoid putting pressure on injured joints.

Health Risks Of Cold Water Exposure

While drinking and relaxing with cold water appears harmless, there are a few potentially severe risks to keep in mind regarding cold water and your health.

  • If you have frequent issues with blocked airways, cold water may worsen congestion, sinus, or flu.
  • Cold water may trigger migraines in people that are prone to having them.
  • For people who suffer from achalasia (a rare esophageal disease characterized by trouble with swallowing following the failure to open the lower esophageal sphincter sufficiently), cold water consumption may cause added discomfort.
  • In icy conditions, cold water showers may lead to hypothermia, potentially endangering your health.
  • Cold water exposure may cause harmful shock, blood pressure increases, and sudden heart attacks in people with severe heart conditions.


Cold water is not only not bad for abs but is essential for optimally conditioning your abs. Cold water will help with burning belly fat and toning your muscles. Drinking cold water will boost digestion, help with fat reduction, and extend the limit of how long you can exercise. Exposure to cold water will also soothe and relax your skin and muscles while encouraging fat reduction to regulate body temperature.

Cold water consumption is vital for preserving your overall body functioning as it serves as a cooling agent, metabolism booster, cleansing agent, and performance booster. But in icy conditions, men must take some care for medical considerations should they suffer from severe heart conditions, be prone to breathing complications, or frequently have migraines.


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