Does Having A Sixpack Make You More Attractive?

Men are always trying to gain six-pack abs and sometimes see this as the norm ladies want. The global trend to being attractive logs physical appearance high as a must-have to be considered handsome. But does a six-pack win you attraction points?

Yes, being in shape and looking after your body attract most people, especially when men have six-packs. However, women are drawing a line between being muscular and overdoing it. A more natural look with moderate muscle and a six-pack beats the bodybuilder look.

Gaining a six-pack is not as easy as many would like it to be, and it doesn’t involve doing 500 sit-ups a day. There are many myths about getting the body that comes with a six-pack. Let’s look at these and why women find these bodies attractive.

Why Does A Six-Pack Give You Brownie Points?

You might think the six-pack is what women are looking for in attractive men, but it goes deeper than this.

With a six-pack comes strength, which is why women find them attractive. Studies show a direct correlation between muscles and strength; thus, having more muscle mass makes you stronger. Strength gives women a feeling of safety, knowing they will be protected.

Another reason a six-pack is attractive is because of the effort it takes to sustain it. Men that have six-packs are disciplined and consistent in looking after their bodies. Their fitness levels are reasonable, and their overall health is good.

Studies show that men with six-packs have healthy body fat percentages, which correlate with:

  • More testosterone and less estrogen
  • Less anxiety and better mood
  • Lower risk for diabetes
  • Lower risk for cardiovascular disease
  • Lower risk for heart attacks
  • Better fertility and sexual performance

Abs are hard to build, and women prefer these muscles to be bigger than those more visible to construct, such as chest muscles or arms. Studies show that bodybuilding physiques with extensive muscle sizes put women off. The cartoonish look is not attractive to the majority of women.

Now that we have concluded that having a six-pack is attractive, how do you get one and sustain it?

How To Get A Six-Pack And Sustain It

There are so many books and quick-help guides that claim to help you get a six-pack in a concise amount of time. Sorry to break it to you, but mentally and physically, getting a six-pack is tough.

Ditch The Emphasis On Ab-Focussed Workouts

It might seem that you have to do ab exercises to get abs. Although ab exercises strengthen the core and abs, this will not solely help to reveal the six-pack.

Doing compound movements for the whole body, including pull-ups, squats, clean-and-jerk, and deadlifts, will activate the core but mainly burn more calories leading to a drop in body fat percentage.

Whole Carbs Are The Way To A Six-Pack

You might think that low carbs are the way to go. But to have the energy to get in a quality weight training session, you will need whole carbs: sweet potato, rice, beans, and oats. It would be best to have more calories to exert more energy when lifting heavier and building muscle.

Carbs are the number one energy source our bodies use when exerting energy. By eating whole carbs, you prioritize your workout energy and will be sure to get in a killer workout.

Keep Your Daily Steps High

It is unnecessary to work out every day, but moving throughout the day is crucial. It keeps your metabolism up and raises your total daily expenditure. Making a conscious decision not to sit or be sedentary for more than an hour will significantly benefit your six-pack development.

Eat To Fuel Your Six-Pack

It might be complicated to determine how much to eat or what and when. Instead, men with six-packs consider what they just did or what they are about to do.

If you completed an intense workout, you might consider a high-carb meal. Opt for a high-protein lower-carb meal if you sit at a desk for a while. Planning on going for a CrossFit session? Then you need to fuel up with whole carbs and protein.

Sleep For A Six-Pack

The amount of sleep you need is about 7 to 9 hours. Some of us might think it is insane, but you will have to try and attempt this average to increase your chances of a six-pack.

You balance your metabolism and hormone levels and reduce anxiety when you get more sleep. Studies showed that people trying to get leaner and sleeping for 8 hours lost more average fat percentage than those sleeping 5 hours.

With more sleep, your body recovers faster, and you have more energy to crush your workouts.

Protein Is One Of The Keys To Get A Six-Pack

When you talk to guys that are conscious about their health and most likely have a six-pack, you will find that they constantly consume protein with every meal. These protein sources consist of lean meats like chicken breasts, fish, soybeans, and red meat.

Protein is the fuel to our muscles, and studies show that after eating protein, you fuel your muscles for 3 hours, so this is why adding a protein source to every meal is necessary for muscle recovery and building.

Processed Foods Is The Wrong Way To A Six-Pack

Processed foods contain refined sugars, fats, and chemicals that will not help you sculpt the perfect six-pack.

Processed foods usually have very high calories, and when your body cannot use all the calories at that moment, it will store the rest as fat.

Factors that Play A Role In Attractiveness

You are rated attractive by different aspects. Your physique and health cover a bit more than the rest, but it is not the only thing to being handsome. Other factors include:

  1. Better your mind – You can become more attractive by working on your thoughts and thinking before you speak. Taking responsibility for your ideas can be crucial to how others view you.
  2. Set up personal boundaries and stick to them – By knowing what you want and what you stand for can make you attractive to women. They like men who stand on their beliefs and do not waiver.
  3. Invest in your social life – Friends are as important as your health. Interacting with people boosts your self-esteem and prevents you from falling into loneliness and depression.
  4. Grooming – Women like men who smell nice, cut their hair, and keep it groomed even if they have a beard.
  5. Be more self-sufficient – People who do things for themselves and do not rely too much on others are more attractive.
  6. Have a balance – Incorporate fun and your passions into your life. Someone who focuses on his work but makes time to do the things he loves comes over as attractive.


To have a six-pack is one of the dreams most men have. Even though it is attractive to most women, do not let this be your sole reason to get a six-pack. Sustaining a six-pack and the life that comes with it requires you to invest in your wellbeing and health instead of focusing on what others think of you.


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