Can You Shave Twice a Day?

Civilized man has been shaving for the last few centuries – ever since men realized that they could shave for hygiene reasons and, of course, to attract the fairer sex! A clean-shaven man has many reasons for shaving, mostly on a daily basis, but for whatever reason, the choice is a personal one and each man to his own!

Some men have very fast-growing facial hair and feel the need to shave it more than once a day. Can you shave twice a day? Sure, if you feel the need for very smooth face, or because you just want to! Of course, if your facial hair grows super-fast, that may be a reason to shave twice a day or more!

The decision to shave or perhaps not to shave is a question that every man asks himself at some stage in his life. Some men have been shaving their chins daily since they were in their teens, while others have simply not been able to grow facial hair at all and have been spared the daily shave! Each man has his own reason, either for or against, the daily routine.

Why Would Men Shave Twice A Day?

The act of shaving your chin has become more of an art than a daily chore. Many men are comfortable with looking good, feeling good, and smelling good, thanks to the many personal grooming products that are available to us in the modern world.

There are many reasons why some men shave twice a day, with an average gap of about 12 hours between each shave:

  • Thick beard growth – some men grow facial hair much quicker than others, resulting in a thick stubble or a 5-o-clock shadow a few hours after shaving. If you enjoy a smoother look, then the only option is to shave more than once a day; sometimes, an additional two or three shaves are required to keep the smooth look!
  • Smooth skin even if no heavy growth – even if youcan only manage to grow a patch or two from your chin, it might still be beneficial for you to shave daily, instead of having random whiskers sticking out in odd spots! A good facial moisturizer followed by a splash of aftershave will keep you feeling and smelling great!
  • Dating – I guess this depends on your lady friend! Some ladies love a thick, full beard, while othersprefer a smooth baby face! Either way, there are men’s grooming products available for a beard or for smooth skin.

Benefits Of Shaving Twice A Day:

  • Personal grooming – if smooth skin appeals to you rather than a face full of hair, then shaving is definitely for you! Shaving removes unwanted hair from your face, but because of exfoliation, your skincare products will be absorbed easier.
  • Aftershave and skincare products – many products are available for the man who would like to look after his skin, and shaving off your facial hair definitely allows you to use facial products that are designed for use after shaving. Use a good face scrub post-shave to help prevent skin irritation, bumps, and redness.

Disadvantages Of Shaving Twice A Day:

  • Tough on the skin – shaving can cause skin rashes and irritated skin, although if your skin is sensitive, it won’t matter how many times a day you shave; you could potentially end up with a skin rash. A razor doesn’t just shave off the hair; it will also take off a layer of skin cells each time the blade scrapes across your skin, causing nicks, cuts, and bleeding, and razor burn.
  • Shaving is a chore – I don’t think there are many men who enjoy the daily skin scrape, let alone shaving twice in one day! The men who do feel the need to shave more than once a day, are I’m sure, pretty envious of those who don’t or will grow a beard instead! Of course, the clever men purchase an electric shaver so that they can be on the go while shaving!

Can You Shave Twice A Day?

There is no specific, cast in stone, hard and fast rule, which states that you can’t shave twice a day. The decision is yours and is entirely dependent on your personal circumstance. So, the answer is, yes, you can shave twice or as many times as you would like during a day! Either stick to a timetable or shave when you can and whenever you need to. Shake it up a bit and miss a day!

Why Shouldn’t Men Shave Twice A Day?

Your skin may feel somewhat more sensitive after shaving, so shaving more than once a day could keep your skin feeling more sensitive than it should throughout the day.

Contrary to popular belief, shaving will not make your hair grow back thicker! We have all been told by older, wiser people that the more we shave, the thicker and darker the re-growth will be, but this is an urban myth! Studies have shown that no matter the hair removal method used, it will never affect the re-growth, either in color or thickness. What happens is when the hair starts to grow back, it can feel rough. This is the blunt tip from the shaved hair, which has a sharp tip – it is not thicker!

What Time Of Day Should I Shave?

Most men shave in the morning before leaving the house for the day – some men will say that this is the absolute worst time to shave your face as you could nick your skin and have blood trickling down your skin for a while, or the dreaded rash could develop and leave your skin blotchy and red!

Others enjoy a morning shave as they feel fresher and well-groomed, as they will often shave after their morning shower. There are grooming products for men that can be applied directly onto the skin to reduce the blotchiness and keep the skin supple. Aftershave products smell good and fresh!

A top tip is to shave at night if you possibly can! Unless there is a reason why you need to shave first thing in the morning, shave at night before you go to bed. This will allow your skin to recover during the night while you sleep and lose the puffiness caused by shaving. Make sure that you slap on some moisturizing cream before your head hits the pillow!

Often a man might shave at home in the morning but then find it impossible to get home for another shaving session before going out in the evening for a social event – this is where your local Barber shop will help! They are well equipped to shave a man’s chin while he relaxes in the easy chair. Most Barbers will spend time washing and moisturizing your skin before giving you a clean shave.

Some businessmen will shave before an important meeting or business function as, in some workplaces, a beard is still banned! Many businessmen would like to create the best impression that they possibly can, so shaving before important meetings is a must!


There doesn’t seem to be any formal studies on why men shouldn’t shave twice or more in a day! While there are many opinions from people who agree or disagree, the general consensus seems to be, it’s up to each man to decide!

So, don’t believe the myths, rumors, or stories told by your old Uncle; shave as often as you like, as long as it suits you to do so – there is no reason why you cannot shave as and when you feel like it!

Invest in a good razor, buy some good grooming products and shave away – or not, and grow a beard!

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