Can Beard Oil Be Used As Aftershave?

Being a man, especially one who actually cares for his appearance, can sometimes be more difficult than what we are given credit for. To make life easier, we sometimes look for little shortcuts in our manscaping process. That being said, let’s take a look if beard oil can be used as an aftershave?

Whether it is aftershave or aftershave balm, these products are very different from beard oil. Aftershave products usually contain antiseptics, and they are designed to promote healthy skin once we have shaved. Beard oils are designed to promote healthy beard growth, so no, you should not use beard oil as an aftershave.

There is a lot more to this than what I can just answer in a small paragraph. So, in the upcoming article, we are going to discuss, in detail, everything that you need to know about aftershave, beard oil, and whether or not they can be used together. So, for everything you need to know, keep reading.

The Difference Between Beard Oil And Aftershave

When we go shopping for our toiletries, it can be rather overwhelming, especially when looking for beard-care products. You will come across a range of different products that are all aimed at doing similar things. In this section, we will take a look at the difference between beard oil and aftershave.

Aftershave contains alcohol, among other ingredients. Alcohol is important because it acts as an antiseptic. It prevents pimples and ingrown hairs. I like to think of it as a sanitizer for your face. Beard oil contains oils such as coconut oil that help with dryness and itchy beards.

Beard oil has a wealth of other benefits, but that is a topic for another article.

So, as we can see, aftershave is a completely different product, and it does completely different things compared to beard oil. With all of that being said, what about a comparison between beard oil and aftershave balm? Are they different? Let’s find out in the next section.

The Difference Between Beard Oil And Aftershave Balm 

We already know that there is a big difference between traditional aftershave and aftershave balm, but what is the key difference between the balm and the beard oil? Well, that is what we are going to answer in this section. It is important to note that we are talking about aftershave balm and not beard balm.

Aftershave balm contains a lot of the same ingredients as beard oil, but it also contains antiseptic properties. Beard oil is more focused on adding essential oils to your beard and skin. These oils are aimed at promoting healthy beard growth.

I feel like it was important to know the differences between these products because even though they might look different, you will be surprised at how many people ask me whether or not they can use beard oil instead of aftershave products. Now that you know the difference, the answer should be a little bit easier to understand.

Can You Apply Beard Oil After Shaving?

This is another question that I get asked all the time, and it also relates to what the next section will be, which is: What is the best time to apply beard oil but for now, let’s take a look at whether or not you should apply beard oil after shaving.

This answer depends on whether or not you have sensitive skin.

If you do not have sensitive skin, then you can apply beard oil after shaving. However, in my personal experience, I feel that applying beard oil on top of aftershave neutralizes a lot of the benefits of the beard oil.

If you do have sensitive skin, then I do not recommend using beard oil after shaving. You should rather stick to aftershave products designed for you and then apply beard oil once you know that your aftershave has fully set.

One thing that you could do is to check the ingredients of your preferred beard oil. It is important to remember that if you have sensitive skin, you need to use aftershave that is designed for you. In fact, you need to use shaving cream, aftershave, and razors that are designed for sensitive skin.

So, be careful if you apply beard oil after shaving, and if you notice that you break out in a rash or notice that you get more ingrown hairs, stop it immediately and find a different time to apply your beard oil.

What Is The Best Time To Apply Beard Oil?

This section leads off of the previous one, and we will answer the question as to what is the best time to apply beard oil. Just a quick note, If you search this online, you will get a lot of different answers of people trying to be too specific but allow me to give you my answer, which is based on experience.

Beard oil should be applied in the mornings and the evenings. Remember, most beard oils are designed and developed to help your beard grow healthily. So, most of the time, you will be applying your beard oil to your actual beard instead of directly to freshly shaven skin.

So you could apply the beard oil once in the morning and once in the evening just before going to bed. I find it best if I add the application process to my morning routine. So, you wake up, you wash your face, shower, brush your teeth, and once your face is dry, you can apply your beard oil.

Can You Put Cologne In Beard Oil?

I need to be honest with you for a second. I know that sometimes we will try and find efficient ways of making our routines faster to concentrate on other things like our careers, but we need to stop coming up with crazy ideas. Let me explain.

We are not supposed to put cologne, perfume, deodorant, and antiperspirant on our faces. Most of these products literally warn you not to get it on your face because the face has very sensitive skin compared to the rest of our body. So, NO, you should not apply Cologne to your beard oil.

I understand that it might seem like a really good idea to speed up your morning routine but trust me, even if you don’t notice side effects right away, you could be doing serious damage to your beard by applying cologne to it.

It is actually for this reason why a lot of people recommend that you stay away from fragranced beard oils. Whether that is a valid argument or not is a topic for another article. For now, let’s get back to the point.

Does Beard Oil Prevent Ingrown Hairs?

Ingrown hair is one thing that makes shaving for a lot of people unbearable. This is because for the next week or two, depending on how long it will take their beard to grow, they will have to deal with ingrown hairs. Ingrown hair can sometimes not only look bad but also make life very uncomfortable.

Beard oil does, in fact, help to prevent ingrown hairs. It is designed to add moisture to our facial areas, and that alone has a wealth of benefits even beyond ingrown hair prevention.


We have reached the end of this article, and my goal was to allow you to walk away from it without having any more questions on the topic. My final thought would be to use beard oil in the mornings when you wake up and maybe in the evenings just before going to bed. Keep your aftershave products for what they are designed for, which is to be applied after you shaved.

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