Beard Oil On Pubic Hair? Should You Do It?

Look, let me just start off by saying that if you have found this article, it means that you are either experienced in taking care of your appearance and health, or you have just started realizing the importance of it. Either way, in this article, we will take a look at whether or not you should use beard oil on your pubic hair.

The only time you should use beard oil on your pubic hair is when you don’t have oil specifically designed for your pubic areas. Other than that, in terms of safety, if you use beard oil on your face, then you should have no problem using it in your pubic areas; however, it is always best to be sure.

In this article, we are not only going to answer the question of whether or not you should use beard oil in your pubic hair, but we are also actually going to take a deep dive into the subject. We will try and answer all of your questions regarding beard oil and your pubic areas, so keep reading for everything you need to know.

Can You Put Beard Oil On Your Pubic Hair?

In this article, I want to be as specific as possible because this is actually quite a big deal. The last thing any of us want to do is damage sensitive areas such as where our pubic hair grows. So, I understand your concern. With that being said, let’s take a look at whether or not you can use beard oil on your pubic hair.

The answer is yes, you absolutely can use beard oil on your pubic hair. If you use beard oil on your face, then I see no reason why you shouldn’t be able to use it anywhere else. The only time you have to worry is if beard oil, in general, causes you problems on an individual level.

Even though beard oils are generally made with natural products, not everybody is the same, and we all react differently to different things. However, at the end of the day, if you are using beard oil on your face, you might as well try on your pubic hair. You shouldn’t have a problem.

If you do struggle to use beard oil even on your face, then the best thing for you to do would be to find a beard oil that is safe for sensitive skin and then perhaps, try it on your pubic hair. There are a lot of choices out there so you should find one that is good for you.

What Will Putting Beard Oil On Your Pubic Hair Do?

If you are not familiar with beard oil and maybe have been reading this article with the “WTF” look on your face, I don’t blame you; this is quite a weird topic to talk about or to read about. With that being said, let me explain what putting beard oil on your pubic hair will do, and then hopefully, you will have a better understanding of why we are actually writing this article.

Here is a list of things that using beard oil on your pubic hair will do for you:

  • Soften your pubic hair, obviously.
  • Make your skin feel smoother.
  • Give your pubic hair a better aesthetic.
  • Make your pubic hair healthier.
  • Some oils help prevent ingrown hairs.

That is pretty much it, but if we are being honest right now, that is a pretty big deal if you think about it. Whether or not all of that is worth it, well, that leads us into our next section.

Should You Put Beard Oil On Your Pubic Hair?

This section is the main focus and the whole point of this article. If you are reading this, I am sure this has been the biggest question on your mind, and it is probably the reason you find this article. So, without wasting any more of your time, let’s get into it and see if you should use beard oil on your pubic hair.

If you don’t have oil specifically designed for your pubic hair, then yes, you should use your beard oil. This is even more true for people who are currently in the dating game; after all, first impressions always count the most.

As men, I think we often underestimate just how much women notice about us, and while using beard oil in your pubic hair isn’t going to make her go “WOW” it is just one less negative that she will take away from her experience with you. 

You can be the man of her dreams, but if there are too many negatives that start to add up about you, you might find yourself not hearing from her again. Dating is fun, and at the same time, it is brutal. 

If you are not currently in the dating game and you don’t really care how a woman perceives your pubic hair, well, there is another reason why you might want to make sure that your pubic hair is well taken care of.

First of all, if you have long pubic hair, you should consider a little bit of manscaping. If not, then I see no reason why you wouldn’t want to at least make sure that your long pubic hair is soft, healthy, and well taken care of.

There is also the aspect of health. If you have ever manscaped or even if you do it regularly, there has bound to be a time where you have formed ingrown hairs. A lot of pubic hair oil and beard oils have antibacterial properties that help prevent these problems.

This is especially useful if, again, you are in the dating game. If you have sealed the deal and have made it all the way up to your bedroom with your date and all of a sudden she notices a lot of ingrown hairs, it might be all over for you right there and then. So, make sure you take care.

What Beard Oil Should You Use For Your Pubic Hair?

While there are a lot of brands out there, you want to go for the oil that is best suited to you. For example, if you get many ingrown hairs after manscaping, you want to get a beard or pubic hair oil with antibacterial properties.

If you don’t manscape and just want your pubic hair to be healthy, you should go for a beard oil or pubic hair oil with “hydration” properties.

At the end of the day, you know what you need, and that is what you should get.

Alternatives To Beard Oil For Your Pubic Hair

To be completely honest with you, beard oil is actually the alternative here. It is the alternative to pubic hair oil, and the only time you should be using beard oil, in all truth, is when you don’t have pubic hair oil, and you still want to make sure that your pubic hair region is healthy.

Bonus: Should You Use Shampoo And Conditioner On Your Pubic Hair Instead of Beard oil?

Human beings are all unique, and we all have our little nuances. Many people might be surprised to know that there are men out there who, when taking a shower, shampoo, and condition their pubic hair and underarms. It really isn’t that uncommon, but should you use shampoo and conditioner instead of beard oil?

Using shampoo and conditioner is not a bad thing as long as you also use soap. It is best if you use soap in your pubic hair regions and beard oil afterward. This is because, all together, this is the most hygienic method of cleaning down there.


That brings us to the end of an article that was actually a pleasure to write, although I will admit at times it got a little bit awkward mentioning pubic hair every few paragraphs. Other than that, I hope we have answered all of your questions and for any of your manscaping questions, feel free to take a look at some of our other articles.

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