9 Women Answer: Is Neck Beard Attractive?

Growing a beard for the first time is one of the most challenging and stressful things you will do as a man, usually because it starts as tufts and puffs. Many first-time beard growers quickly grow tired of this and simply go back to clean-shaven, some find peace in the maintenance process, while a slight few decide to let the beard grow wildly resulting in a neckbeard. Creating the question, is a neckbeard that bad, or do women find them attractive?

All 9 women we asked said that they do not find neckbeards attractive when they are looking for a man. There are exceedingly rare exceptions to this, but you will still have to show some type of maintenance to your beard. Few women like wild beards that are growing out of control and a bushy beard do not mean standing in every direction of the wind.

Knowing that a neckbeard is not attractive, and not having one can be challenging. Many times people do not know how to get rid of their neckbeards. Few men will impulsively know how to style their beards, what to apply, or even why women find them so attractive. The world of beard care has changed a lot in the last few years, the tricks of the trade have changed, and you need to know what to do.

These are the things women find attractive in a beard and what you need to know to ensure you never cross into neckbeard territory.

Are beards still attractive?

Beards are some of the most attractive things you can have on your face, or for some women, the biggest turn-off you can wear. Throughout our conversations with the women we had asked, they made it clear that each of them had their preferences, even those that liked full beards talked about different beards.

The addition of some facial hair is always a good experiment, and depending on the crowds that you have around, you will decide how effective it is. You will often grow a beard because your friends will be doing it, or you become a bit more relaxed in your morning routine, allowing the stubble to grow.

If your beard is well trimmed, properly cared for, and styled, then there will be women around the world that will find it extremely attractive. However, be aware that there are women who will prefer a clean-shaven man. Like all things, it will depend on the woman whether or not a beard is attractive.

Where did the term Neckbeard come from and why is it negative?

There are two terms that a neckbeard applies to the people with a physical beard on their neck and men who act and treat women in an awfully specific way. These two terms have become more and more synonymous with each other, to the point where a normal man growing a full beard will be mistaken for a neckbeard.

First used in 1847 to simply describe the beard being grown from the neck, the term became widespread among computer geeks in the early 2000s. When it was first used, it was simply meant for people who could only grow a beard around their necks. It soon became the default way of describing a specific group of people. From 2008 onwards, the term became a negative way to reference men who were obese, still lived with their parents, and often used their knowledge of computers to show their superiority over others.

Unfortunately, a small subgroup of unattractive men exhibited extremely negative behavior, either being rude to others, expecting women to do things for them, or sometimes being outright sexist. Neckbeards, despite being common among all men, became the thing most strongly associated with these men.

What do women think of beards?

Beards and mustaches are some of the most unique things a man can have, with every single style of the beard being different somehow. We asked what women think of beards, and there were two groups of people, each being quite vocal about their stance and adamantly refusing to change their opinion.

Beard Lovers

Some women do love beards, and they will only consider dating a man with a beard. Sometimes considering the bearded look both rugged and refined, with a few even loving the feel of the beard when they kiss a man.

Knowing who loves a beard can be difficult, and the women we spoke to would prefer that you rather keep your beard looking good at all times, as opposed to simply taking care of the beard when you think someone might be interested in you.

Beard Haters

The top complaint has always been the thing beard lovers love, the beard’s tickling sensation when kissing. However, some of the women we talked to said that they find even the most well-trimmed and washed beard to give the impression that the man is slightly filthy.

Usually claiming that the beard only makes the man look slightly oilier, with the overall look ruined, saying that the man looks almost wild even in a well-pressed suit. This has been a long-held opinion by women who do not like beards, with some women changing their opinions as they grow older.

How well should a beard be maintained?

The answer is always and never changing. Yes, your beard should be well maintained with everything your barber recommends. Getting trims regularly, keeping the oil applied after showers or baths, making sure that the winds of the world are not damaging your beard and the skin under it.

There are different levels that you should be maintaining your beard, though, with casual relaxing at home almost always being when you apply some beard oil. This lets your beard stay healthy even when you are only spending the day watching movies, working on something, or tending the yard.

When you are going somewhere, it is always best to spend a few more minutes tending to your beard. Usually applying the oils, a good comb, and trimming when necessary. If your beard requires more styling, it may be worth it to apply some wax as well. This will mean you are always looking your best, and no one has to ever see you in your worst state of undress.

What are the steps to maintaining a beard?

All women agree that if you have a beard, you need to be constantly maintaining it, taking care not to look like a man who has simply given up shaving. To do this, you will need to know what things can be done from the comfort of your house without requiring thousands to be spent each week at the barber.

These are the basics you need to do when maintaining your beard:

  • Trimming: Smaller beards can be trimmed with small clippers, larger beards with a combination of clippers and scissors, and large, bushy beards taken care of by combing and trimming. Any way that you choose to trim your beard, you will constantly need to cut stray hair off, brush errant hairs into submission, or to pull out hair that is growing in the completely wrong direction.
  • Washing: A mistake many first-time beard owners make is not washing their hair. This step is vital and important to keep it well maintained and perfectly clean. A simple wash with shampoo or a face soap will do wonders to get any nasty smells or particles out of your beard.
  • Styling: By styling, we mean more than just trimming the beard. This is the act of choosing how you grow the beard, trimming away some parts, and looping other parts to be straighter. A styled beard will usually have a few straight lines and be a lot easier to get ready in the morning than a standard, wild beard.
  • Combing: When your beard gains any significant length, you will need to start combing it with either a small brush or a specialized comb for the job. A longer beard can develop knots, and these are never fun to deal with or see on a man walking down the street.
  • Oiling: One of two ways to get your beard to go into a specific style is by applying beard oil. These oils do more than simply keeping your beard smelling nice and shiny. Beard oil gives more volume to your beard and will usually help keep the skin under the beard from being dried up. Stopping you from developing unwanted acne or having skin follicles that constantly drop.
  • Waxing: The second and most effective way to force your beard into a style is by applying natural bee wax to the beard and mustache. This will easily help you to constantly look proper and never suffer from errant hairs that poke out at every angle. Wax can be bought at most shops, and even some supermarkets have started carrying wax for the bearded men of the world.


With the woman of the world reporting, a full neckbeard is rarely attractive, usually because of the connection the beard style has to men that act less than favorable. If you cannot grow a full face beard, it may be a lot better rather not to grow a beard at all.

However, be sure you aren’t purposefully shaving your beard down to be a neckbeard. This can have comical results for even the manliest of men!

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